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Video Intercom

Panasonic offers Video Intercom systems for both, single and multi door complexes to be able to flexibly provide a safe and easy monitoring solutions for apartment buildings and private houses, no matter how many doors have to be covered.


Single Door Systems

View and talk flexibly

Panasonic offers various Video Intercom System models to flexibly suit the size of your house and your lifestyle watching over the safety of your entire belongings. Your digital doorman: See who is at the door and talk – from anywhere in your home for greater Security and peace of mind. 

Our systems allow for flexible layouts and easy operation and a huge level of safety so that you can lean back and feel assured and well-secured.




Wireless Video Intercom System

Smartphone connect model

Introducing the VL-SVN511 wireless video intercom system from Panasonic. This system comes inundated with a variety of advanced and intelligent features to ensure that keeping your property secure is simpler and easier than ever before. We have built on the innovative features of our VL-SWD501 model to bring you such new aspects as the ability to monitor the VL-SVN511 system through a smartphone - all that is needed is the dedicated FREE app and a data connection (Connection charges may apply, always check with your service provider). 

In addition to the smartphone integration there is also the option to receive email notifications from the  system whilst you are away from your property, giving you full control and peace of mind regardless of your location. To further ensure the safety of yourself and your property, this wireless video intercom system also uses an extremely wide angle view camera (170 deg. horizontal, 130 deg. vertical) thus dramatically increasing the area which the camera views. The Panasonic VL-SVN511 wireless video intercom system gives you the tools to take control of the safety and security of your property. To find out more about this product, please contact us through the button at the bottom of this page. 





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